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How Do I Open a Buy or Sell Trade - Stock Indices Trading

This tutorial will explain to traders how to place new orders when trading stock index. To open a new trading order, first make sure that you have first opened the chart of the stock index that you want to trade. For our example we want to trade the US100Cash Index which is the NASDAQ 100, to open an order we follow the steps below.

Click anywhere inside the chart and the drop down shown below appears, select the second option which is "Trading" and then select option marked "New Order" as shown below.

How to Open Buy or Sell Trade - Stock Indices Trading - Generate Index Trading Signals - How to Generate Indices Trading Signals - How Do I Generate Trading Signals in Indices?

Another Option is to go to "Tools" menu at the top of the platform, next to file, view, charts and then select the first option on tools drop down menu; the option is "New Order", just like the one above.

A shortcut is to press F9 key on your keyboard.

The following popup order window will appear and a trader can place an order from this new trade window as shown below.

How Do I Open a Buy or Sell Trade? - How Do I Learn Index Signals?

From the above window you can open a buy or sell trade depending on which side of the market you want to trade.

If the market is moving up you open a buy trade

If the market is moving down you open a sell trade


If you want to open another trade and trade another stock index, just open another chart or navigate to the other chart using the "Charts Bar" and then open a new order on the new chart selected.

The Charts Bar is shown below:

How to Open a Buy or Sell Trade - Generate Index Trading Signals - How Do I Learn Indices Signals? - How to Generate Trading Signals in Stock Index

The charts bar that is shown above is used to navigate between two or more open stock index charts and a trader can use this bar as a shortcut to access all the open charts on their trading platform.

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