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MT4 Automatic Indices Trading Systems and Online EA Indices Trading Robots

MQL5 code base is the official coding community for automatic system indices trading systems commonly known as Expert Advisors or EA Indices Trading Robots. EA Indices Trading Robots is a popular topic. However, the challenge is how to find a good quality EA. This is where MQL5 automatic indices trading systems Market comes in; hosted by MetaQuotes Software Corp. , The Makers of MetaTrader Indices Trading Platform - to get a good quality automatic system indices trading systems Expert Advisor one Should join this EA codebase.

A library of Indices Trading Robots and automatic indices trading systems

MQL5 Indices Expert Advisor Market For Indices Trading Robots and Expert Advisors

MetaTrader 4 Indices Expert Advisor Stock Indexes Automated Trading - Expert Advisor MetaTrader 4:

For a new indices trading beginner wanting to know what is automated trading, the place to start at is at the official MQL5 codebase that is hosted by MetaQuotes Software Corp. The maker of MT4 Indices Trading Software.

Get Free MetaTrader 4 Indices Expert Advisors as Well as Paid Ones

About automatic indices trading systems Expert Advisors

You can go to the automatic indices trading systems codebase website and learn how to code automatic indices trading systems and write an Expert Advisor. But because most people may not want to learn a programming language or take on the task of building automated indices trading systems online and may want to use their time for trading indices and making profits, for those who don't want to learn programming they can directly access the stock indexes trading robots listed on this market; where programmers using EA Indices Trading Robots that are profitable sell their automated systems, others can then buy from them or order one to be coded for them from this automatic indices trading systems codebase.

This codebase for automatic indices trading systems is also a good place for experienced indices traders, it allows those who can demonstrate that they have profitable stock indexes trading robots to get additional revenues by selling their Expert Advisors, these are also made available directly From the MT4 stock indexes trading platform, where potential buyers of EA Indices Trading Robots can access them. The screenshot below shows how a indices trader can get access to these MetaTrader 4 automated trading Expert Advisors on their platform.

Access automatic indices trading systems From the MetaTrader 4 Indices Trading Platform

MQL5 Indices EA Market of Expert Advisors and Indices Trading Robots

EA Library - For Traders Wanting to get automatic indices trading systems

From the above screenshot one can access the Codebase Market of automatic indices trading systems directly from their platform. One can then automatically install the EA onto their MT4 stock indexes trading platform and start trading with it. The Market contains free Expert Advisors as well the paid ones. One can also try out any of the above by downloading their demo trading version after registering in this Community.

As a indices trader wanting to get professional automated trading programs and strategies this is the place to start.

How To Get an Automated Indices Trading Robot

Once you have downloaded the MetaTrader 4 Indices Trading Software and installed it on your computer. You will then have to open the MT4 Toolbox; The Toolbox can be opened by pressing the CTRL+T keyboard shortcut keys. After launching the toolbox select “ Market ” tab as shown on the screenshot below.

A list of the available automatic indices trading systems EA Indices Trading Robots will appear as shown below. You can also select a one from the different categories as shown below.

List of Expert Advisors From the MQL5 Indices EA Market

Library of automatic indices trading systems EA Indices Trading Robots

You can then select the one of the automatic indices trading online that is suited for your trading style. Every item on this list has a detailed description of how it operates and you can use this information to choose one that suits your methods based on this description.

There are different applications which one can use, among the ones you can purchase are:

  • Expert Advisors

  • Custom Indicators

  • Panels

  • Libraries

  • Analyzers

  • Utilities

You can select any of these based on categories as shown on the image above. If you need to learn what is an EA, custom indicators, panels, libraries, analyzers and utilities are you need to visit the Codebase Community.

Once you have visited and decided which type of application you require, the next step is to register and become part of this coding community. After registering you will then get an account and you can interact with other forum members and have access to multiple EA Indices Trading Robots. To register - go to the Registration Page on their website.

After registering in the automatic indices trading systems community you will then need to obtain credits. Credits is what is used in order to obtain the automatic system stock indexes trading systems available. To get credits you will first need to deposit some money into your MQL5 account.


You will then use this MQL5 account and the password that you obtain to set up the indices trading automation on your MetaTrader 4 indices trading systems as shown below. These settings will be set on your MT4 stock indexes trading platform that is installed on your computer, and not on the MQL5 website - but you will first get them from MQL5 website then set them on your MetaTrader 4.

Setting Up An Account to Use for automatic indices trading systems through MT4 Indices Trading Platform

MQL5 Indices EA Market

Login to MQL5 Account From MetaTrader 4 Indices Trading Platform

To get to the above window, Go to “ Tools ”, Next to “ File, View ” at the top left corner of the MetaTrader 4 stock indexes trading platform. Click Tools >> Click Options, the above window will popup.

Select the “ Community ” as shown above, and then type your Login details; Your Login and Password.

Once this is complete you will now have complete access to the Market, and you can setup any of the stock indexes trading robots on your platform and start automated trading.

How to Test automatic indices trading systems Strategy Before Buying

Before buying an automatic indices trading systems, there is an option to test out and find the automated trading strategies that work for you before buying - by downloading the demo version of the automated online system that you want and testing it out before purchasing it. This way you can try out the automated stock indexes trading Expert Advisor you want by testing its strategy using Indices Trading Strategy Tester window .

Example of how to get a Indices Expert advisor from the MQL5 Automated Indices EA Market

Review and Information of automatic indices trading systems online review details

From the above example, the screenshot shows you how to setup an Automated Indices Expert Advisor from the MetaTrader 4 stock indexes trading platform toolbox by buying it using your credit points or by first downloading the demo robot download version to test out the trading strategy.

All these automated trading strategies online are available from MQL5 and they can also be accessed from the MT4 Indices Trading Software. Once one obtains an automatic indices trading systems they can then activate and launch this application from 3 different Computers.

Posting of Automated Trading Expert Advisors by Developers and Automated Indices Trading Analysts

As a developer of Expert Advisors that are profitable, you can get to post your EA by registering as an automated Expert Advisor trading robots seller. You can get access to large number of potential customers by posting your robot which can become a mass selling product.

Once you have completed the registration process, your Automated online trading Expert Advisors will be hosted on the MQL5 Community and you will make money every time your EA is purchased. As the developer you get to set the stock indexes price for your EA, the more profitable it is the more dollars you can set.

Once you setup your registration, stock indexes traders can then buy and download your automated EA robots directly from their MetaTrader 4 Indices Trading Platform. Each purchase must get an activation code from the MQL5 Community, the activation code is only limited to a few computers, 3 computers. Therefore no one can buy and then start reselling your Automated Trading System Online because it would require an activation from the Community

To protect developers, each purchase is associated to the account of a indices trader on the MQL5 website and a specific computer, the purchase is not associated to the stock indexes trading broker platform neither is it associated to the indices trading account with the broker. It is only associated to the account which the indices trader has on this Community.

Those Indices traders wanting to buy any of the automatic system indices trading systems can also try the demo versions of the trading Robot, but this can only be run on the “ Strategy Tester ”, and the demo cannot be run on the real stock indices market trading environment. This ensures that a buyer can test out an EA's profitability before buying it, at the same it also ensures the demo version of your Automated Indices EA cannot be used to transact on the real market, not until it has been purchased and activated.

How to Select one of the automatic indices trading systems

All EA Indices EAs are listed on the MetaTrader 4 automated indices trading systems have snap-shots and a brief review that one can click and read about each.

Stock Indexes Expert Advisors On MetaTrader 5

list of EA Indices Trading Robots on MetaTrader 4 Indices Trading Platform That Can Be Used For Automated Indices Trading

Upon clicking on any of these automatic indices trading reviews, one can read the review its information which will include even the history of the transactions made that look like the review below:

Review of Expert Advisor Indices Trading Robot MQL5 Community

One can then select any of the automatic indices trading systems program from a list of those provided depending on the one that is most profitable and suitable for them based on their indices trading strategy.


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