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Best Automated Indices Trading Platform For Indices Trading

Best Automated Indices Trading Platform is a popular topic these days with traders looking at new methods of trading where they can automate and trade their stock indexes trading accounts automatically using a trading program or what is commonly referred to as a stock indexes trading robot.

The automated indices trading platforms are programmed to profit from the stock indexes trading market by trading market fluctuations, that is why they are sometimes referred to as robots, that can trade the stock indexes trading market automatically.

Automated Indices Trading Software

Automated Trading System

Let’s say you want to start automated trading or already have started but you are looking to improve your automated system, then what are the methods that you can implement so as to improve it.

Methods to improve automated Indices Trading System.

1.Learn MQL4 Indices EA Programming language or what is basically C++ programming language.

A good place to start with is the MQL4 community where you can get several MQL4 tutorials or ask traders using these systems where you can get these tutorials to learn this programming language.

The reason you want to learn how to program these robots is so that you can know how to program one according to rules which you set for your system. You will be in a better position to know how to translate a manual system to an automated indices trading platform.

To give you a tip and a lesson in programming you will first need to specify pseudo code or the logic of your indices trading system before translating it into an automated system.

Once you learn a little bit of programming this will help you quite a bit, it might not make sense now but once you start to code these systems it will definitely make a lot of sense, after all without specifying the pseudo code like the above example you will not make any head way in programming an automated trading program, because you will have not specified what you want the stock indexes trading system to do or where you intend to start from.

2. Learn what metrics the automated system requires

Automated indices trading platforms used to trade the stock indexes trading market without involving any human intervention are just a set of algorithms that mimic trading strategies, in fact these algorithms are the trading strategies themselves.

Traders using automated trading will take a strategy, program that strategy to come up with an automated system, some traders using the popular MetaTrader 4 stock indexes trading platform, will commonly refer these programs as EA or Expert Advisors, that are implemented using the popular MQL4 programming language, found within the MetaTrader 4 software.

MetaTrader 4 automated trading software

MetaTrader 4 software

A good example is the MT4 robots that have so much parameters to optimize, such that as a novice if you don’t optimize for any one of them then your Expert Advisor system might not be a profitable as it should.

Therefore make sure to know which parameters to optimize for and how to optimize for these parameters.

Automated Indices Trading System Expert Advisors Indices Trading Robots

MT4 Indices EA Strategy Tester

3. Host your automated indices trading systems on a VPS server

Another thing that is coming about in when it comes to these system is the VPS for stock indexes trading EA hosting or virtual private server hosting for EA Indices Trading Robots, so that they can trade from the servers round the clock as opposed to these Expert Advisors trading from your Personal Computer.

VPS for stock indexes trading EA hosting Indices Trading Virtual Private Server

VPS Hosting - Virtual Private Server

The thing about automated indices trading is that they need extensive testing so as to deal with the dynamic nature of the stock indexes trading market.

For Expert Advisors you need to host it on a VPS server that can run your robots 24 hours nonstop, all you have to do is to hire a VPS server for about $20 - $50 dollars, then install a MT4 from your indices broker on this VPS server and then install you automated system on the MT4 and login to your account and activate the Expert Advisors to continuously run on the VPS server.

Hosting on a VPS ensure that internet interruptions do not interfere with your robots that needs to be in the stock indexes trading market full time. Secondly, you cannot run your Expert Advisors on your Personal Computer 24 hours a day.

4. Get a good broker

This might not seem as a point when it comes to improving your automated indices trading system, but consider this: A indices broker notices you are executing trades that are profitable and your trades are executed by scripts that are used by Expert Advisors, so the indices broker is not a very good stock indexes trading broker and maybe is a market maker that profits when you make losses, so the indices broker also has been in this game longer than you and knows that when you come to them with a profitable auto systems they also have their own virtual dealer plugin that beats your automated indices trading system hands down. So the indices broker implements Virtual Dealer Plugin then now when your automated indices trading system puts a trade it gets a requote such that this confuses your EA robots, then the virtual dealer sometimes off quotes your automatic indices trading system, or it logs off your platform for an hour such that when your system logs back again then the signals it generates are unpredictable.

SO do yourself a favor get a genuine stock indexes trading broker that will not manipulate your Expert Advisors when you will be trading with these Automated Indices Trading Platforms.


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