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$30 Dollars Free No Deposit Bonus Indices + 50% Deposit Bonus + up to $6.67 Indices Rebate Credit Bonus Per Lot Traded

As a indices trader looking for the best Indices promotion out there, this page will list not only the best promotion out there by any Broker, but also a list of 3 promotions combined provided by the same broker.

Promotion 1: $30 dollars Free for Just Opening an Account

By just opening an account you will automatically get $30 dollars credit and you can start trading indices - No Deposit Bonus Indices Brokers. Why trade with a demo when you can trade $30 dollars on a live account and test the broker's platform and execution. To learn how you can open an account within 3 days and get this Free $30 dollars: Read The Article "Account Opening Procedure"

Promotion 2: 50% Bonus up to $500 and 20% up to $5,000 on Deposits

If you deposit $1,000 dollars you will get a 50% bonus of up to $500 dollars and an additional 20% extra for amounts above $1,000 dollars up to a maximum of $5,000 dollars.

Promotion 3: Up to $6.67 Indices Rebate Cash Back Credit for Every Lot Traded

The third promotion combined with the ones above is the loyalty points bonus for every lot traded. For Every Lot you trade you will get points, these bonus points can then be redeemed as shown below and used as additional capital for placing additional trades, the more lots you trade the more loyalty points you get.

Up To $6.67 Dollars Indices Rebate Credited Back For Every Lot Traded: Get Cash Back 20 Points per Lot

In addition, for you loyalty you will also get other seasonal bonus points and other invitation only points just for being a loyal customer.

Read the Articles below, to learn how to start trading by taking advantage of these 3 promotions combined in addition go to the Promotion Page of these Promotions and learn More.


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