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There are many different types of stock indexes trading accounts available to anyone who wants to invest in the stock indexes trading market. Indices Trading market is a highly stock indices trading leveraged market for speculating on indices price valuations. Indices traders can purchase large amounts of indices trading units using leverage. However, trading on stock indices leverage is very risky and there are different types of stock indexes trading accounts available to help indices traders better manage their risk.

It is therefore important that the indices trader consider what they want to get out of their stock indexes trading account, before deciding on the stock indexes trading account type to open.

Cent Indices Trading Account

These stock indexes trading accounts are often appropriate for a beginner indices trader. The risks for this trade size are low and these cent stock indexes trading accounts can sometimes be opened with only a $10 minimum balance.

A Indices Trading cent stock indexes trading account is generally used by new indices traders who wish to experience a live indices trading environment without risking a large amount of money. Cent stock indexes trading accounts allow the indices trader to trade in cent lots. 1 cent lot is one- tenth of a micro lot and one-hundredth of a mini lot.

Cent stock indexes trading accounts are generally best suited for indices trading account balances that are between $100 and $1,000.

Cent indices trading account 1 pip = $0.01


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