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Charts Toolbar Menu and Customizing it on MT4

The Charts toolbar on the MT4 is shown below.

Charts Toolbar Menu on The MT4 Indices Trading Platform

Before explaining how to use each item listed on this charts toolbar, let's make sure that all the available tools are added to it by customizing it:

  1. Right Click at the customize button to the left of this toolbar (Looks like a stack of coins) as shown below.

Customizing Charts Toolbar on MT4 to Add Buttons

2. Click customize
3. Add all Tools

How to Customize

Add Buttons to The Charts Toolbar by Customizing MT4 Indices Trading Charts Toolbar

After adding the customize window will look like:

How to Customize and Add Buttons to the MT4 Indices Trading Charts Toolbar


The toolbar will now look like:

How To Use The MT4 Indices Trading Charts Toolbar in MT4

Explanations of Tools Listed

The following tutorial explains how to trade with each of the buttons numbered below:

Explanations of Chart Tools on the Chart Toolbar in MT4

1: Bar button, sets the chart drawing method to Bars

2: Candlesticks button, sets the chart drawing method to Candlesticks

3: Line button, sets the chart drawing method to Line plot

4: Zoom In, zooms in

5: Zooms Out, zooms out

6: Auto Zoom, automatically zooms the chart to highlight the most recent stock indexes price candlesticks automatically once it has been clicked. That way the workspace of the indices prices shows the real time candlestick that is being quoted in that moment.

7: Chart Shift, shifts the recent stock indexes price candlestick towards the center, therefore leaving space between the most recent candlestick and the extreme right side of the MetaTrader 4 stock indexes trading platform, making it easier for technical analysis.

8: Indicators menu shows a list of all technical indicators and from this list a indices trader can select a particular indicator, double click on it to place it on the trading panel.

9: Periodicity displays all the chart time frames and a indices trader can change to a different time frame for the from the one they are using by clicking this periodicity shortcut button.

10: Indices Trading Step by Step is used to back test manual indices trading systems where a indices trader places their stock indexes trading system on a stock indexes trading chart, moves it back for about 2 months, then starts to move it indices trading step by step while at the same time recording where their strategy would have given a buy stock indices signal or a sell stock indices signal or an exit signal, just the same way a indices trader would have traded real time while the indices prices update.

11: Templates Button used to save new templates and load templates that have been saved on the platform.

All the buttons provide short cuts instead of traders looking for these option the long way using the main navigation menu, a indices trader just clicks a tool and gains quick access to it. The toolbar will mainly contain the tools that are frequently used by a indices trader within the MT4 Indices Trading Platform.


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