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Reversal Stock Indexes Candlestick Patterns - Evening Star Indices Candlestick Pattern

Evening Star Indices Candlestick Pattern

Evening Star Stock Indexes Candlesticks Pattern is the opposite of the Morning Star Indices Candlesticks Pattern

Evening Star Bearish Indices Candlesticks Pattern

How to Trade Evening Star Indices Candlesticks Patterns - How to Analyze Evening Star Indices Candlesticks Pattern


Evening Star Indices Candlestick Pattern

Evening star candlesticks pattern is a three day bearish reversal indices trading pattern.

The first day is a long white candlestick.

The second day is the evening star that gaps away from the long white candle.

Third day is a long black candlestick that fills the gap.

The filling of the gap and closing of the black candlestick below the gap is a strong bearish indices signal.

Traders should open a sell indices trade once the stock indexes trading market closes below the gap formation of the Evening star candlesticks pattern. This is the confirmation signal of a sell stock indices signal generated by this Evening star candlesticks pattern.


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