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Placing Gann Lines on Charts in MT4 Platform

The Gann Lines is the fourth option in the Insert Menu within the MetaTrader 4 Platform. The Gann Lines Button is used to place Gann Lines on the Indices Charts and it is shown below.

Placing Gann Lines on Indices Charts in MT4 Platform

Drawing Gann Lines on MT4 Indices Candlestick Charts

Gann Line

The Gann Line is similar to a trend line and to draw this trend line a trader must select 2 points and draw this line between these two point, just like the trend line the Gann line is also used to show the trend.

However, the Gann Line may require you to change some parameter so as to achieve the draw that you require.

Gann Line Placed on Indices Chart in MT4 Platform

How to Draw Gann Line on MT4 Platform

Gann Fan

The Gann Fan is drawn between two points, this indicator will draw a set of trend lines, these trend lines are drawn at different angles, This Fan will draw the middle line at an angle of 45 degrees as long as price is above this 45 degrees line then the momentum of the upward trend will continue as shown below. If price moves below this line in an upward trend the upward trend momentum may be reducing.

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The Gann Fan is also drawn for a downward trend and the same analysis applied to the downward direction.

Example of Gann Fan on upward trend:

Gann Fan Placed on Indices Chart in MT4 Platform

Gann Fan on MT4 Indices Candlestick Charts

Gann Grid

The Gann grid uses two points just like a trend line to be drawn, once these two lines are drawn, this Grid will then draw grids that are at an angle of 45 degrees, the traders can then use these grids for analyzing indices price movement.

Gann Grid Placed on a Chart in MT4 Platform

Drawing Grids on MT4 Indices Candlestick Charts


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