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Indices Trading Register with a MT4 Indices Trading Account?

How to Register for a MT4 Indices Trading Account

To register on the MT4 follow the account registration procedure below:

  • Choose File Menu on the MT4 Platform
  • Select open an account
  • Select Demo Indices Trading Account or Real Indices Trading Account
  • Fill in the Account registration forms provided by your indices broker once you click the account registration option on the MT4 platform.
  • Once you fill in the account registration forms you will be issued an account login number and account password.

You will now be registered on the MetaTrader 4 platform and you can then login to the MT4 platform using your registered stock indices trading account and trade online using this MT4 stock indices trading account - Indices Trading Account MT4 Download Platform.

The indices trading step by step procedure for how to register a MT4 stock indices trading account is explained in the MetaTrader 4 tutorials below:

You can choose the MT4 stock indices trading account type you want to open and follow the MetaTrader 4 indices trading account opening procedure for either MT4 demo indices trading account or MT4 indices trading real trading account.

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