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How to Become a Indices Trading Machine Through Indices Trading Psychology

When it comes to indices trading as a indices trader you will need to execute your stock indexes trades like a indices trading machine, without any emotions, or without being influenced by stock indexes price movement that the stock indexes price has moved up so much that you now need to open a indices buy trade because the up move has really moved some pips.

So to trade like a indices trading machine as a indices trader you need to transform your indices trading psychology. To transform your indices trading psychology then you will require to write down rules which you will follow in your indices trading plan.

The example explained and illustrated below shows how to write the indices trading psychology rules


  • Trade without Emotions (greed, fear, anticipation, impulse, bias, overexcitement)

  • I trade what my eyes see not what I feel.

  • I will be patient.

My job is not to be the indices trading system!

It is not to decide which trades looks promising.

That is the job of my indices trading system. My system has a set of rules which tells me this is what I follow. Do not get caught up in stock indexes price action and make rules as you go along.


To sit patiently and wait for my system to indicate that it is time to enter or it is time to exit. And then with great focus I execute trade as planned.

Taking trades not indicated by the system, second guessing the system and not taking trades given, hesitating and getting in late, anticipating and getting in early are all common place and boil down to lack of faith in the system and not having a burning focus on accurate execution.

GOAL: To have 100% undivided focus on mastering my ability to execute my indices trading system accurately.

The more you develop the ability to step back from stock indexes price movement and watch the stock indexes trading market dispassionately, waiting for a signal to trade, the easier it will be to witness the fluctuations of your emotions without getting sucked into them allowing them to throw you off your game.

By writing indices trading psychology rules like the ones above then as a indices trader you will start to follow your stock indexes trading system and trade more like a indices trading machine would if the system you are indices trading with was to be automated.

The more you follow these indices trading psychology rules the easier it will become to trade the stock indexes trading market without being influenced by the various market movements.

Always make sure that you are opening a indices trade because the rules of your indices trading system have been met and a signal has been generated and not because you have seen the stock indexes trading market jump and so now you decide it is time to buy.

By following a indices trading system then you will be able to trade more like a indices trading machine and follow the rules of your stock indexes trading system and your trading will become more profitable.

Changing your indices trading psychology will not be easy and that is why as a indices trader you must constantly make an effort to follow the indices trading rules of indices trading psychology that you write on your indices trading plan until the time you master these rule and you can now trade the stock indexes trading market without emotions and trade like a indices trading machine.

To learn and know more about indices trading psychology read the following indices trading psychology tutorial

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