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Indices Trading Divergence Definition

Divergence trading concept is a concept where a indices trader will for a difference between the stock indexes price movement with the movement of a technical indicator. For our example we shall use the RSI indicator to explain divergence trading.

Indices Trading Divergence EA

How To Get a Divergence EA Indices Trading Robot

From your MetaTrader 4 Indices Trading Software installed it on your computer. You will then have to open the MT4 Toolbox; The Toolbox can be opened by pressing the CTRL+T keyboard shortcut keys. After launching the toolbox select “ Market ” tab as shown on the screenshot below.

A list of the available EA Indices Trading Robots will appear as shown below. You can also select a one from the different categories as shown below.

List of Expert Advisors From the MQL5 Indices EA Market

Library of EA Indices Trading Robots - Divergence EA Indices Trading Robots

You can then select the one that is suited for your trading style - for example you can select divergence based trading Expert Advisors. Every item on this list has a detailed description of how it operates and you can use this information to choose one that suits your methods based on this description.

There are different applications which one can use, among the ones you can purchase are:

  • Expert Advisors

  • Custom Indicators

  • Panels

  • Libraries

  • Analyzers

  • Utilities

You can select any of these based on categories as shown on the image above. If you need to learn what is an EA, custom indicators, panels, libraries, analyzers and utilities are you need to visit the Codebase Community.

Once you have visited and decided which type of application you require, the next step is to register and become part of this coding community. After registering you will then get an account and you can interact with other forum members and have access to multiple EA Indices Trading Robots. To register - go to the Registration Page on their website and after that you can get a Divergence EA Robot.



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