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Insert Shapes on Stock Indexes Charts on the MT4 Indices Trading Platform

To place shapes on the MT4 indices trading platform, a Indices trader can use the Insert Menu and use the insert shapes button that is shown below.

Insert Shapes on Stock Indexes Charts on the MetaTrader Indices Trading Platform

Insert Shapes on MT4

The options of which shapes that can be drawn on the MT4 stock indexes trading platform are:

  1. Rectangle

  2. Triangle

  3. Ellipse

Draw Rectangle

To draw a rectangle on mMetaTrader 4 stock indices charts, a indices trader will select the rectangle button and then select between which points on a Indices chart to draw this rectangle. To adjust a triangle that has already been drawn, a Indices trader can also double click anywhere on this shape and then select the square buttons that appear at all the corners of this rectangle and drag them to adjust this rectangle.

Draw Rectangle Shape on a Chart in MT4

Drawing Rectangle Shape on MT4 Indices Charts

The rectangle shape is used to draw a consolidation range pattern where stock indexes price breakout to one side will mean stock indexes price movement will continue in that direction, as shown above, when the stock indexes price breaks out upwards it continues to move in that direction.


Draw Triangle

To draw a triangle, a Indices trader can select the triangle button and then on the MetaTrader 4 stock indexes chart, select 3 points, point 1, 2 and 3 after which the triangle is drawn within these three selected chart points. To adjust the triangle, just double click this triangle, then select the square buttons appearing on the edges as shown below and adjust the triangle points.

Draw Triangle Shape on Stock Indexes Chart on MT4

Drawing Triangle on Stock Indexes Charts in MT4 Indices Trading Platform

Draw Ellipse

To draw the ellipse shape, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Ellipse button as shown above

  2. On the chart select point 1 and drag the mouse to point 2, (the ellipse will appear as a line)

  3. Double click the ellipse using the small squares at the middle, click, hold and drag this square and the ellipse will be adjusted as shown below.

Draw Ellipse Shape on Stock Indexes Chart on MT4

Drawing Ellipse Shape on MT4 Stock Indexes Charts on MetaTrader 4


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