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Kase Peak Oscillator MT5 Stock Indexes Indicator and Kase DevStop 2 Indices Technical Analysis and MT5 Stock Indexes Indicator

Developed by Cynthia Kase

The Kase Peak Oscillator MT5 Indices Indicator is used in the same way as other traditional oscillators, but the oscillator MT5 stock indices indicator is derived from a statistical evaluation of the Indices trend; this statistical evaluation evaluates over 50 different indices trend lengths. The oscillator MT5 stock indices indicator is capable of automatically adapting itself to the cycle length and volatility changes of the trend.

Kase Peak Oscillator MT5 Indices Technical Indicator

Kase Peak Oscillator

Histogram values below the center line signify bearish trends while values above the center line signify bullish values. Crossover signals are used as both entry and exit points.

Kase DevStop II Indices Indicator

Developed by Cynthia Kase

The Kase DevStop II calculates an average range, and the three standard deviations of this range.

Indices Technical Analysis of Kase DevStop II

This MetaTrader 5 Indices Indicator is used to determine the realistic exit points for trades based on volatility, variance of the volatility and the volatility skew. This MetaTrader 5 stock indices indicator draws 4 lines. The 4 lines are described as a Warning Line and 3 Standard Deviations Lines of 1, 2 and 3. These lines allow Indices traders to take profit or cut indices trading losses at the levels where the probability of a trade remaining profitable is very low, at the same time without taking more of a loss or cutting profit any time sooner than it is necessary.

Kase DevStop II MT5 Indices Indicator

Kase DevStop 2

The three red lines are used by stock indexes traders to set exit levels or stop loss levels. The DevStop II is a indices trend following indicator.


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