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Grid, Volumes, Auto Scroll and MT4 Indices Trading Chart Shift Options on MetaTrader 4


The MetaTrader 4 grid button on the charts menu option of the MT4 Indices Trading Platform is used to draw grid lines as shown below. A indices trader may prefer to trade with grids on the stock indices chart or not and will use this button to show or hide the Grid.

The MetaTrader 4 Grid button is shown below (Short cut for this menu is Ctrl+G)

Insert Grid on Stock Indexes Chart on MT4


Volumes in Indices represent tick volumes or the number of times the tick for stock indexes price changes during a particular time period. The more the tick changes the more the volumes. These volumes in Indices are used to estimate the number of indices traders participating in the stock indexes trading market.

Volumes are drawn as green bars below each indices candlestick, and the height of these green bars represent the tick volume for a particular candlestick. (Shot cut keys for Volumes: Ctrl+L)

Insert Volumes Indicator on MT4


Auto Scroll

Auto scroll option when activated will automatically scroll to the most recent indices candlestick bar for every stock indices chart that is opened. Therefore, the most recent information is displayed and as a indices trader you do not have to scroll to these recent indices candlestick bars every time you open a new stock indexes trading chart.

MT4 Indices Trading Chart Auto Scroll Option

Chart Shift

This MT4 Indices Trading Charts Shift button is used to shift the stock indices chart more towards the center, instead of the last candlestick being right at the right side of the MetaTrader 4 stock indexes trading platform, the MetaTrader 4 indices charts shift button will shift the most recent indices candlestick towards the center. Indices traders prefer to trade with most recent indices candlestick shifted toward the middle - this makes it easier to analyze the stock indices chart stock indexes price movements when they are more towards the center.

For example, the MT4 Indices Trading Charts Shift button is shown below as an arrow pointing down, by pressing this MetaTrader 4 indices charts shift button within the chart menus(highlighted below by a rectangle), the last indices candlestick will shift from the right and move up to this point as shown in the MT4 Indices Trading Charts Shift example shown below.

Shift Chart Towards the Center on MetaTrader 4

MT4 charts menu options of showing grids, volumes and activating the auto scroll option for automatic scrolling to the most recent candlestick bar and also the MT4 indices charts shift button for shifting the last indices candlestick towards the center.


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