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Indicators Insert Option on MT4 Insert Menu

MT4 indicators, MetaTrader 4 Stock Indexes Indicators can be found on the Insert Menu as the first option.

These best MetaTrader 4 Stock Indexes Indicators option has a pop right button that shows the list of all the MT4 indices indicators under this option as shown below.

MetaTrader 4 Stock Indexes Indicators

The best MetaTrader 4 stock indices indicators list is shown below as a popup menu, at the top is a list of the MetaTrader 4 indices indicators most popularly used within the MetaTrader 4 stock indexes trading platform by the indices traders using this MetaTrader 4 software. This MetaTrader 4 indices trading indictors list, which vary from platform to platform depending on the indices trading platform being used.

MetaTrader 4 Stock Indexes Indicators Buy Sell Indices Trading Signals

Best MetaTrader 4 Stock Indexes Indicators List

On the above example the most commonly used MetaTrader 4 Stock Indexes Indicators, these are:

  1. Accelerator Oscillator

  2. Accumulation/Distribution

  3. Alligator

  4. ADX

  5. Average True Range

  6. Awesome Oscillator

Indices Trend Based

These are shown below:

Indices Trend Based Technical Analysis

These are:

  1. ADX

  2. Bollinger Bands

  3. CCI

  4. Moving Average

  5. Parabolic SAR

  6. Standard Deviation

The Indices Trend Based Indicators will basically show the general direction of the stock indexes trading market. These indices trend indicators will either move upwards in an upward indices trend or downward in a downward indices trend. (Or Sideways no direction /no indices trend).

A indices trader will therefore trade with the direction that is the same as that indicated by these indices trend following indicators.


These Oscillators are shown below:

Oscillators Technical Analysis

These Indices Oscillator Indicators are:

  1. Average True Range

  2. Bears Power

  3. Bulls Power

  4. DeMarker

  5. Envelopes

  6. Force Index

  7. Ichimoku

  8. MACD

  9. Momentum

  10. Moving Average of Oscillator

  11. Relative Strength Index

  12. Relative Vigor Index

  13. Stochastic Oscillator

  14. William’s Percentage Range

Volume Based

These are shown below:

Volume Based Technical Analysis


These indices trading volume indicators are:

  1. Accumulation/Distribution

  2. Money Flow Index

  3. On Balance Volume

  4. Volumes

Volume in Indices do not measure the transaction volume as there is no central stock indices market like stocks market, but they measure the tick volume, the more tick volume the more the number of indices trade transaction, therefore indices traders use tick volumes to estimate the indices trading transaction volumes in the Indices Exchange Market.

Bill Williams

The MT4 Bill Williams Indices Indicators are shown below, these were developed by Bill Williams hence their grouping as Bill Williams:

Bill Williams Technical Analysis

The Bill Williams Indicators are:

  1. Accelerator Oscillator

  2. Alligator

  3. Awesome Oscillator

  4. Fractals

  5. Gator Oscillator

  6. Market Facilitation Index

Stock Indexes Custom Indicators

These stock indexes trading custom indicators are shown below,

Stock Indexes Custom Indicators on MetaTrader 4

The Custom Indicators are:

  1. Accelerator

  2. Accumulation

  3. Alligator

  4. ATR

  5. Awesome Oscillator

  6. Bollinger Bands

  7. Bears Power

  8. Bulls Power

  9. CCI

  10. Heiken Ashi

  11. Ichimoku

  12. iExposure

  13. MACD

  14. Momentum

  15. Moving Averages

  16. OsMA

  17. Parabolic SAR

  18. RSI

  19. Stochastic Oscillator

  20. Zigzag

The Sub Menu, within the MetaTrader 4 Stock Indexes Indicators Insert Menu can be used to place these MT4 Stock Indexes Indicators on a stock indices chart by selecting and then clicking on the MetaTrader 4 Indices Technical Chart Indicator to place it on the stock indexes trading chart.

Once you click on an MetaTrader 4 stock indices indicator the following popup will appear:

Setting Indicator Parameters on MT4

As a indices trader you can just click the “OK” button to place the MetaTrader 4 Stock Indexes Indicator on the stock indexes trading chart.

You can also change a few MetaTrader 4 Stock Indexes Indicators setting, for example in the above MT4 Indicator you can set the color style to blue, change the line width and change the period used to calculate the MetaTrader 4 Indices Indicator settings.

A level can also be added by selecting the “Levels” button as shown below:

Adding Lines and Levels to MT4 Stock Indexes Indicators

To add a level on a MT4 stock indices indicator, just click the add button and select the level where you want to add this levels, normally this is set as a number. The color of the level can also be changed on the style button marked silver along with the format of the line and the width of the line.

The next button shown below, visualization button is used to determine which indices chart time frame the MetaTrader 4 stock indices indicator should appear on:

MetaTrader 4 Stock Indexes Indicators Tutorial

By default a MetaTrader 4 stock indices indicator is set to appear on all the stock indexes chart time frames, but you can uncheck the “All Time frames” option and select fewer indices chart time frames where you want the MetaTrader 4 stock indices indicator to appear on, for example by selecting only the M15, H1 and H4, this way it will not appear on any other stock indices chart apart from these three indices chart time frames - to have it show on all indices chart time frames just check the “All Time frames” option. - Learn MetaTrader 4 Stock Indexes Indicators PDF Tutorial - Indices Indicators MetaTrader 4 Indices Trading Platform


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