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Insert Andrew’s Pitchfork, Cycle Lines, Text and Text Label

The last 4 options on the MT4 indices trading platform insert menu are:

  1. Andrew’s Pitchfork

  2. Cycle Lines

  3. Text

  4. Text Label

These are shown below:

Insert Andrew’s Pitchfork, Cycle Lines, Text and Text Label on MT4

Insert Menu Options on MT4

Andrew’s Pitchfork

The Andrew’s Pitchfork is drawn between three points first point is the middle point of indices price, the next is the upper point of stock indexes price and the third is the lower point of indices price. This draws three parallel lines that form a channel. Indices Price should indices trend within this channel, if stock indexes price moves outside of this channel like in the stock indexes trading example explained and illustrated below the trade should be closed.

Andrew’s Pitchfork on Stock Indexes Chart in MT4

Andrew’s Pitchfork on MT4


Cycle Lines

Cycle lines are vertical lines drawn at an equal distance representing market cycles. To draw these lines a indices trader selects one continuous indices trend and draws a line between the high and low of the indices trend and then this MetaTrader 4 stock indices indicator automatically plots the cycle line, these lines represent market cycles.

Draw Cycle Lines on Stock Indexes Chart in MT4

Cycle Lines MetaTrader 4 Stock Indexes Indicator

Text and Text Label

As a indices trader you may want to mark a indices price level on your stock indexes trading chart. To do this you can use either the text or text labels, Select any of this button, select where to place these labels after which a popup appears prompting you to input the text of the label. To edit the text label double click on it and then this popup will appear again and edits can be made on this window.

Place Text and Text Label on Stock Indexes Chart in MT4

Text and Text Labels on MT4

From the above example the buy is a text and the sell is a text label, both are not much different only that the text will move with the chart, while the text label is fixed at one point and will not move with the chart.


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