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Zoom in, Zoom Out and Indices Trading Step by Step Buttons on MT4 Indices Trading Charts


Zoom In

This option is located on the charts menu within the MT4 Platform. This option is used to zoom in the charts as shown below, some traders may choose to magnify a indices trading chart and trade when the charts are zoomed in depending on the preference of a indices trader.

Short Cut Key (+)


Zoom in The Indices Candlesticks on the MetaTrader 4 Indices Trading Platform



Zoom Out

This option is located within the menu as shown below; this option is used to zoom out charts and is used by indices traders who prefer to trade the chart using minified charts according to their preference. This option is shown below.

Short Cut Key (-)

Zoom out the Indices Candlesticks on MetaTrader 4 Stock Indices Trading Platform



Indices Trading Step by Step

This option is used to back test indices trading systems by moving the charts one candlestick at a time and then analyzing when to buy and when to sell a indices trading instrument based on the indices trading system being back tested. To learn more about this button, Read the article: Back testing a Trading System using MT4 Indices Trading Step by Step Button - its short cut is key is “F12”

Indices Trading Step by Step button for moving Indices Charts One Candlestick at a Time


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