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Advantages of MQL5 Indices Signals to Signal Sellers and Indices Signals Providers

As a profitable indices trader there is a way that you can increase your profitability without adding any risk to your trading account. By signing up on the MQL5 website you can become a Indices trading signal seller and traders who subscribe to your services will pay you extra income, and you can add this income to your overall profits.

Wanted: Profitable Indices Traders to Help Others Make Money and Get Paid

Become a Indices trading signals provider

To setup your Indices trading signal subscription service, all you have to do is to register an account with MQL5, then specify your account and the transactions generated on this account will be automatically be sent to those copying your transactions, through this service. Your platform should be MetaTrader 4 or MT5. One advantage of becoming a signal provider on this community is that you get access to a large market of potentials subscribers, all traders using the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms can subscribe to your alerts.

So, What are the Advantages of MQL5 Indices Signal Providers Service to Sellers

1. Get Access to a Large Market of Potential Subscribers

As a seller live Indices trading signals, one of the advantage of become a signal provider on this community is that you get access to a market that is comprised of all traders using the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. And because the MetaTrader platform is implemented by over 600 Indices trading brokers and hundreds of thousands of those using this platform as your potential subscriber base is composed of all those traders using this platform.

What this means that you if you become top ranked best signal provider and your trading signal is very profitable then those copying your transactions can grow at a high rate, and you can start making a lot of profit for them as well as from them.

For example in the screenshot below taken from the Top Indices Signals Providers, the Indices trading signal at the top has 809 subscribers in total. Taking the average subscription amount per month as $40 dollars per month, then the profit they will make:

809*$40 = $32,360 extra profit from the signal subscription.

From this example, the top ranked Indices trade signal below will make $32,360 profit from his service.

MetaTrader 4 and MT5 Top Signal Sellers

Top MetaTrader 4 Indices Trade Signals Service Subscription

This is a win win situation:

The Subscriber gets profitable signals and makes a good profit

The Seller gets paid a subscription fee by 100s, which adds up to a big profit

2. Dealing with a Reputable Company

One advantage of working with this company is that it is a well known company that is owned by MetaQuotes Software Corp. The owner of MetaTrader 4 and MT5 Platforms.

Therefore as a seller you do not have to go looking for traders on your own. Just setting up an account for a signal provider is all that is required. The Marketing is then carried out by Metaquotes.

On MQL5 what is used is referred to as credits, once one subscribes you automatically receive credits to your MQL5 account from them, if 100 people subscribe to your service, then you get credits from these 100 people, there is no need to know the name or details of your subscribers, the only thing that exchanges is credits. Once you get credits you can request to withdraw at which point your credits will be converted to dollars and you can withdraw your money anytime using a number of payment methods.

3. No Need for Signal Seller to Setup a Subscription system

As a Indices trade signals provider you do not need to setup your own subscription software or system. The system that sends the transactions to traders is already implemented once your setup your account then all transactions that you open on this account will be automatically sent to your subscribers through the TET subscription system.

The other advantage is that the trading signals are executed automatically on the trader's accounts that are have subscribed to your live Indices trading signals, everything is executed automatically without having to manually login and setup or execute manually.

4. The More Profitable Your are The Higher The Rank You Get and The More The Profit

For those Indices trading signals providers with highly profitable strategies, the higher their ranking goes, once a signal seller gets a high ranking they are then listed on the top ten most accurate Indices trading signals. Those ranked at the top receive the highest subscriber base subscribing to their alerts. Once as a trade signals provider you get to be ranked as one of the top, then the more that subscribe and hence the more money you make from your service.

Signal Seller Advantages: Subscribers of Top MT4 and MT5 Providers

Top MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 Indices Signal Services

5. No Personal Data is Shared Between Signal Sellers and Subscribers

As a seller on MQL5 one of the advantages is that there is minimal interaction between the seller and the Buyer. The only thing that is exchanged is online Indices trading signals and credits.

To choose a from this list one is provided with the detailed history of the transactions of each service provider. The personal details of sellers are not shared.

As long as a signal provider is making good profits that is all the information that subscribers require.

6. No Need for Your Subscribers to Be Online 24-7

Once you become a Indices trading signals seller, there is no need for the those copying you to be online 24-7 every minute of the day, neither do they require to be logged in to execute the transactions that you send.

The TET automated signal system known as Trusted Execution Token or TET execution model or TET Indices trading signals software, will automatically connect those copying your transactions through the TET execution system, and all transactions from your platform will be automatically executed in real-time on your account and of the accounts of those copying your Indices trading market signals, as simple as that. No need for your subscribers to be online throughout to copy these daily Indices trading signals the TET trading signals software will do it for them automatically.

There is no need for the those copying your indices trading signals to manually execute them or setup alerts such as an SMS alert services, the trades generated by you is live and executed automatically by the automated Indices trading signal system (TET). With the TET execution model there is minimum delay between when the live Indices trading signals are generated and when they are executed on the accounts of those copying you.


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