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MT5 Data Window

MT5 Data window shows information about a indices price, for a specified candlestick period. For example the trading charts below, shows how to select the data window from the view menu options.(Ctrl+D is the shortcut key for displaying the data window without having to access it from the view menu)

Data Window - MT5 Indices Trading Software

MT5 Data Window

Once the data window is selected it will display, the following information about a indices price.

Indices Price Data Window High, Low, Open and Close Indices Price on MT5

The following data for indices is shown:

  1. indices trading instrument

  2. Date

  3. Time

  4. Open Indices Price

  5. High

  6. Low

  7. Close Indices Price

  8. Volume

This data will show information for a particular candlestick, by scrolling your mouse over the indices candlesticks on a Indices Trading chart this data will change to reflect the stock indexes price candlestick that the mouse has pointed at.

The data widow is not popularly used in the MT5 Indices Trading Platform as compared to the other MT5 Indices Trading Chart windows. However as a indices trader you can use this data window to extract and display information and data about any stock indexes price candlestick and the indices prices associated with this candlestick such as the opening stock indexes price data, closing stock indexes price data and high and low of indices price.

Because most traders can obtain this information directly from the charts, then the indices traders may prefer to use the information that is readily available on the Indices Trading chart within the MT5 Indices Trading Platform software interface.

Another method to get this data is to use the Cross Hair Mouse Pointer, To get the Cross Hair Mouse Pointer a indices trader only requires to press down and hold down the wheel mouse button and the cross Hair will appear. If your mouse does not have a wheel button, please go and buy another one so that you can trade the MT5 cross hair. and from this Cross Hair a indices trader can get the stock indexes price data as shown below.

Cross Hair Tool - MetaTrader 5 Indices Trading Software

MT5 Cross Hair Pointer on MT5 Stock Indexes Charts

From the Cross Hair above the vertical line will show data on the date for the current candlestick, the horizontal line will show stock indexes price of the indices trading at that particular point on the chart. The Open, High, Low, Close and Volume as well as Date is Shown Just below the Charts tab at the bottom of the MT5 Indices Trading Software Platform, Marked as O: H: L: C: V: therefore the cross hair is a shortcut method of viewing data instead of going to the Data Window of the MetaTrader 5

a indices trader can even click one point, hold down the mouse and move the mouse to another chart point to measure the pip movement of stock indexes price from point a to point on the Indices Trading charts in the MT5 Indices Trading Software as Shown below.

Using Cross Hair Tool to Measure Pip Indices Price Movement

Using Cross Hair Tool in MT5 Indices Trading Software to Measure Pip Indices Price Movement

Cross Hair Data Tool on MT5 Indices Trading Software


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