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Periodicity Toolbar Menu

Periodicity just means chart time frames, in MT5 this toolbar is used to select which chart time frames to trade with.

Periodicity Toolbar Menu on MT5

The time frames listed are:

  1. 1 Minute - M1

  2. 5 Minute - M5

  3. 15 Minutes - M15

  4. 30 Minutes - M30

  5. 1 Hour - H1

  6. 4 Hours - H4

  7. Daily - D1

  8. Weekly - W1

  9. Monthly - MN

As a indices trader you only require to trade with only about 3 chart time frames, for example let's say a indices trader only requires the 15 minute, the 1 hour and the 4 hours time frame, then on the periodicity MetaTrader 5 toolbar a indices trader can hide all the others that are not required using the following method.

How to Customize

To add a tool not listed above a indices trader has to follow the following steps

  1. Right Click at the MetaTrader 5 toolbar button to the left (Looks like a stack of coins), shown below

How To Customize The Periodicity Toolbar on MT5

2. Click customize


After following the above steps the customize popup window will appear as shown below:

Select Chart Time Frames and Remove Them From The Periodicity Toolbar in MT5

Select as shown above and click the remove button.

The popup window will then look like:

Chart Time Frames Removed From Periodicity Toolbar in MT5

On the platform the periodicity MetaTrader 5 toolbar will now look like the example shown below:

Selecting 3 Chart Time Frames in Periodicity Toolbar to Trade With on MT5

Using the above setup as a indices trader you can save space within your MT5 Indices Trading Platform workspace by hiding the time frames which you are not trading with.


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