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Profiles and Saving a Profile in MT5

In MT5 indices trading platform, you may want to save a MT5 work space that you have opened, especially if you have come to a Indices Trading tutorial site like this one that has shown you how to place indicators and open many Indices Trading charts and put various tools on these charts and you want to continue tomorrow from where you left of, then this saving your indices trading platform MT5 work space tutorial will show you how to do it.

To save a MT5 work space on MT5 indices trading platform you will use the “Profiles” button, which is the fourth option on the "File" drop down menu list - this button is shown below:

Saving a Profile in MT5

How To Save MT5 Work Space on MetaTrader 5

From the above profile button, once you click this button, another sub menu appears to the right as shown above, to save your current MT5 work space as a profile, click the “Save As” button shown above and name your profile, for example you can call it “My MT5 Work Space

Example of how to save a MT5 work space named “My MT5 Work Space

How to Save a Profile MT5 Work Space on The MT5 Indices Trading Platform

Saving MT5 Work Space on MT5

The next time that you will login to the MT5 Indices trade platform and you want to load the saved “My MT5 Work Space” profile; You will go to File Menu>>Then Click Profiles>>and Then Select “My MT5 Work Space”. In the above case this profile is already selected as shown by the check mark/ tick mark. If you wanted to switch to another saved MT5 work space or profile for example the one marked Swiss Franc or EUR in the above example, then you would just click on the name of the profile that you want and the load it on the MetaTrader 5 Platform.

The loaded MT5 work space “My MT5 Work Space” is also displayed at the bottom center of the MetaTrader 5 stock indexes trading platform; (below $100,000 MetaTrader 5 account balance transaction window, below the "Experts" tab, at the middle bottom position of the MT5 stock indexes trading platform as shown above).

Another shortcut to load this “profiles” is using this button at the bottom center position of the MetaTrader 5 trade platform as shown below.

Profile Short Cut Button on MT5

Saving and Loading Profiles on MetaTrader 5

From this tutorial, now as a Indices trader you have learned how to save a MT5 work space using the profiles button on the MetaTrader 5 Indices Trading Platform, under the file drop down menu and you can now save as many profiles as you want on yourMT5 stock indexes trading platformand then select any of these saved profiles any other time that you may require to trade with them.


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