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Opening a Deleted Chart on MT4

On the MT4 Indices Trading Platform when trading if you get to delete a stock indices chart or open one that has been deleted unintentionally, you can use the option of “Open Deleted” located on the file drop down menu as the third option on this list.

For example if you had opened a Indices and had put a set of indicators on this chart, but you had not saved this set of indicators, then you can just use this option to open the charts named Indices, note there may be 2 or 3 or more of the deleted Indices on the list and you will have to open each until you get the one that you are looking for. Like the stock indexes trading example explained and illustrated below there are 2 Indices deleted charts.

Opening a Deleted Chart on MT4

For example by clicking open the deleted chart of Indices will open this deleted chart that had been closed previously.

Open Deleted Stock Indexes Chart on MT4 Indices Trading Software Platform

Procedure of opening a deleted chart from the MT4 “File” Drop down navigation menu.

If you have deleted many charts this list will include all of these charts and they will be arranged from the most recent onwards, and as a indices trader you may have to scroll either up or down in case there are many deleted ones saved within this option.


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