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Opening an Offline Chart on MT4 Platform

In MT4 you may want to open an offline chart and analyze this chart without having it updating in real time. Although it is not often that a trader wants to open an offline chart, this option is provided for in the MetaTrader 4 platform.

Shown below, the File Navigation drop down menu the second option is that of opening an offline chart.

Opening an Offline Chart on MT4 Platform

Once a trader clicks the open offline chart a popup window will appear, a trader can then select which offline chart to open from this popup menu.

Open Offline Indices Chart MT4 History Center

From the above popup menu a trader can then open any offline chart that is listed above, the number of price bars that have been saved within a particular offline saved chart is recorded as the number of bars as well as the date from which the chart is saved up to the last time it was updated.

This option is not required so much in trading but it is good to explain it for tutorial purposes.


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