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What is a Hanging Man Indices Candlesticks Pattern?

What Does Hanging Man Candlestick Mean? Hanging Man Candlestick Definition

Hanging Man stock indexes candlesticks pattern is a potentially bearish reversal stock indices signal that occurs during a upward indices trend. It is named so because it resembles a man hanging on a noose up high.

A hanging man candlestick has:

  • A small body

  • The body is at the top

  • The lower shadow is two or three times the length of the real body.

  • Has no upper shadow or very small upper shadow if present.

  • The color of the body is not important

hanging man reversal candlestick stock indexes chart patterns

What is a Hanging Man Candlestick in Indices Trading? - Hanging Man Stock Indexes Candlestick Pattern - Indices Candlesticks Pattern

Technical Analysis of Hanging Man Candlesticks

The sell stock indices signal is confirmed when a bearish candlestick closes below the open of the candlestick on the left side of this hanging man stock indices candlestick pattern.

Stop orders should be place a few pips just above the high of the hanging man candlestick.


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