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What is STP Indices Trading Account Explained?

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STP Indices Trading Accounts

STP Indices Trading Account stands for Straight Through Processing, the STP Indices Trading Account indices brokers will send client indices orders direct to their Indices Trading Liquidity Provider, the Indices Trading Liquidity Provider is a big bank with deep liquidity to trade on the interbank network - STP Indices Trading Live Account.

An STP Indices Trading Account provided by an STP stock indices trading broker can either have one Indices Trading Liquidity Provider or many liquidity providers.

The best thing about STP Indices Trading Live Accounts is that stock indices traders can place their stock indices trades immediately with instant execution because they have access to the interbank market via their STP stock indices trading broker.

STP Indices Trading Live Accounts will not charge commissions, but will charge spreads on stock indices trades. Because Indices traders have access to the interbank market execution, there is no requotes on the indices orders neither any order waiting for execution, the execution is instant.