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What is the Difference Between Non Dealing Desk and DD Indices Trading Account in Indices Trading?

NDD Indices Trading Account vs DD Indices Trading Account

NDD Indices Trading Accounts

NDD stand for Non-Dealing Desk indices trading execution of orders, these NDD Indices Trading Account indices brokers do not implement a dealing desk this makes this type of execution to have less trading restrictions as opposed to the Dealing Desk Execution.

NDD Execution means that trades from the indices traders account will be executed directly to the online interbank exchange stock indexes market. The orders will be matched with other orders in the online stock indices market using the indices broker Non Dealing Desk order execution model.

DD Indices Trading Accounts

DD stands for dealing desk, these DD account indices brokers have a dealing desk where they can match orders and execute indices trading order in the online stock indexes market.

The indices trader trading with a DD account will get a lot of requotes.

Dealing Desks will issue indices traders with a lot of order requotes, meaning indices prices of orders are not real time and the stock indexes trading broker can requote a indices trader's order if the stock indexes price of the stock indexes trading market changes quick enough before the broker's dealing desk places the order online or before they match the order in the online stock indexes market.

Dealing Desk accounts therefore means that order execution of stock indices orders is not instant and therefore this execution model may mean that trading orders executed using a DD Indices Trading Account are not executed as quickly as when compared to an ECN account or an STP account.


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