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Best Broker for Indices Trading for EA Indices Trading Robots and Traders

Traders looking for indices brokers that allow all types of trading can trade with XM where all trading strategies are welcome without any restrictions. The Following are some of the advantages of trading with this STP broker.

5 Reasons Why XM is the Best Broker for Indices Trader

No Requotes - For trading to be profitable the indices trader knows that they require all their stock indices orders to be executed quickly without re-quotes because for traders, the speed of execution matters and a indices trader requires very fast execution to execute the numerous trades that they execute on the stock indexes trading market.

If a indices trader were to use a indices broker implementing requotes then it is most likely the indices trader may encounter hundreds of them per day. With most traders making anywhere between 20 to 100 hundred trades a day, a few re-quotes will add up to many and in fast moving markets these increase tenfold to the level where even putting one trade becomes impossible due to many re-quotes let alone executing a number of trades.

With a No-Requotes policy it means a indices trader can trade as many times as they want without ever receiving.

Execution with no - requotes will have multiple liquidity providers such that at any one given time there is enough liquidity to guarantee a buy or sell indices trade order is executed instantly.

For a indices trader the execution rate can make the difference between making profits or making losses, this is why it is best to scalp with a no-requotes execution policy.

Order Execution Rate of 100% with 99.35% of orders executed in less than a second

All orders are guaranteed to be executed and the execution rate of XM is 100% with 99.35% of all orders being executed in less than one second. This is the reason why this is the best.

Trading Expert Advisors are Allowed

stock indexes trading robots are allowed and traders implementing automated stock indexes trading robots can trade with this indices broker using their Expert Advisors.

No Virtual Dealer Plug-in

With XM there is no virtual dealer plug-in software meaning your trading strategy will not get any interference during execution. This is especially crucial for traders using EA Indices Trading Robots as their trading Expert Advisors can trade free in the stock indexes trading market without any execution interference from this broker, such as requotes or off quotes, therefore the more chances that your winning strategy produces the same profitable results as it did when you were back testing it.

Trade Even During the News

One of the popular trading time is when there is an economic news report. At XM traders can trade even during economic report times this is made possible by the fact that XM has multiple liquidity providers that guarantee execution at any time in the open stock indices market, therefore there is no restriction on trading even during the news times.

Fills up to 50 Lots

For trades execution is guaranteed up to trades of 50 Lots on a single trade. Stop loss is also guaranteed for any order at any stock indexes price set by the indices trader. This again is made possible by the availability of multiple liquidity providers providing enough liquidity at all times to guarantee execution of all orders at all times.

Free VPS Hosting

Free VPS for stock indexes trading EA hosting is provided and traders can install their automated stock indexes trading robot on the VPS server and have their EA Indices Trading Robots online 24-7. A VPS is a better option for running your trading Expert Advisor, where instead of running the Expert Advisor from your Personal Computer, the EA is hosted on a Virtual Private server and the EA can trade in the stock indexes trading market throughout because the VPS is on throughout 24-7.


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