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Indices Trading for Beginners

Setting up Demo Practice Account and MT4 Indices Trading Platform

To start indices trading a beginner trader will need to set up a practice indices trading account which they can practice indices trading with before opening a real stock indexes trading account. A demo practice account commonly referred to as a demo stock indexes trading account is a indices trading account provided by a indices broker so that a stock indices beginner trader can learn to execute stock indexes trades risk free and at the same time learn the indices trading platform of the broker.

Learn Indices Trading for Beginners

Before you learn the MT4 stock indexes trading platform, you will need to download and install the MT4 stock indexes trading platform on your computer.

After downloading the MT4 stock indexes trading platform, you will need to log into your stock indexes trading demo practice account that you registered with your stock indexes trading broker. Register a demo stock indexes trading account. Once you log into your demo stock indexes trading account the MT4 stock indexes trading platform will look like the screen shot example explained and illustrated below.


Toolbars - MetaTrader 4 toolbars are used to setup the indices trading tools within the MT4 stock indexes trading platform

Market watch – Show stock indexes price quotes, stock indexes quotes of indices trading instruments

Data Window - Shows Indices Trading Account Data

Charts panel - Shows indices charts

Charts Tabs - Shows open indices charts in tabs

Terminal - Shows Summary of indices trading account balance and open trades

Connection - Shows if the platform software is connected to the indices broker or not

Exchange Rates - Shows stock indices chart indices prices in the form of a graph and also the current stock indexes price on a stock indexes trading chart.

Now that as a beginner indices trader you know what each window of the indices trading platform represents, let’s look at the charts toolbar that is mostly used when trading with the MT4 stock indexes trading platform.

On the charts Navigation Menu there are various Tabs

Menu Bar

File - Open an account, Log into account

View – choose toolbars to view

Insert - Insert indices trading tools such as indices trend lines and other stock indices chart indicators

Chart – Change Indices Trading Chart settings

Tools - Change MetaTrader 4 stock indexes trading platform settings

Window - View a stock indices chart window for any indices trading instrument or for a different chart timeframe

Help - Topics that explain the documentation of the MT4 stock indexes trading platform

Tool Bars

Toolbars are used for quick access to MT4 indices trading tools. Each toolbar has a name that represents the types of indices trading tools for that toolbar. As a Indices trader you will have to explore by clicking these buttons to learn what each indices trading tool is used for. Generally, hovering the mouse pointer over a button will name what the button does.

You can also learn how to customize each toolbar on the indices trading platform from the Learn Indices Trading for Beginners

MT4 Indices Trading Platform Tutorial.


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