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There are many different types of stock indexes trading accounts available to anyone who wants to invest in the stock indexes trading market. Indices Trading market is a highly stock indices trading leveraged market for speculating on indices price valuations. Indices traders can purchase large amounts of indices trading units using leverage. However, trading on stock indices leverage is very risky and there are different types of stock indexes trading accounts available to help investors better manage their risk.

It is therefore important that the indices trader consider what they want to get out of their account, before deciding on the account type to open.

Standard Indices Trading Account

A standard trading account is a trading account that allows stock indexes traders to make trades using standard lots. A standard lot is equivalent to $100,000 which is one standard contract. Indices trading brokers offer standard stock indexes trading accounts to traders who have a lot of capital as well as experienced stock indexes traders.

Standard indices trading accounts

This is account type is recommended for those with enough capital to fund their indices trading account as well as experienced indices traders alike.

A standard stock indexes trading account is suitable for account balances over $10,000.


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