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Expert Advisor Indices VPS Hosting - VPS for MetaTrader 4 - Indices VPS Hosting is the preferred method of hosting EA Indices Trading Robots so that these Expert Advisors can trade the stock indexes trading market 24 Hours continuously. Because Traders cannot keep their Personal Computers on 24 - 7 because the computer will overheat, the best option is to use the Virtual Private Server.

How are EA Indices Trading Robots Hosted on Virtual Private Servers

Traditionally, when the Indices VPS hosting service was just starting and indices brokers had not yet started to provide this as service (now every serious indices broker provides this service internally because of security), before we explain why as a indices trader you should only use your broker's Virtual Private Server, lets explain the traditional way of Indices VPS Hosting; the service worked like this:

The Virtual Private Server is a Specialized Computer Placed in an Air Conditioned Room that keeps temperatures very low to facilitate cooling of this computer. The Processing Speed of these computer being way faster than any personal computer and the cost of owning one being way out of reach of most, therefore the only available option is to lease space on a Virtual Private Server, from a Hosting Firm for a fee of about $30.

Therefore, once a indices trader paid this fee a indices trader was provided with an access password and login to their own Virtual Private Server space. The Trader would then download the trading platform - MT4 from their indices broker's website, then upload and install this platform to the Virtual Private Server. After installing the platform on the VPS the indices trader could now log to the Virtual Private Server, then start their platform and place trades similar to the way a indices trader trades on their computer, the only difference now being you're trading from a Virtual Private Server not your computer.

The trader would then install their EA Indices Trading Robots on the MetaTrader platform that is installed on the VPS, the indices trader would then enable EA Automated Trade Execution and then leave the platform to run 24 - 7 to run on Auto Trade. This is what is Known as Indices VPS Hosting.

To monitor the EA, the indices trader will just login to the Virtual Private Server, and open the MT4 Indices Trading Platform and monitor trades from the MT4 Terminal Window.

There is no technicality in trading with a Virtual Private Server, if you can install a platform on your computer, installing the same and trading with it on the Virtual Private Server is just as easy.

Why Brokers Now Provide Virtual Private Server Hosting Services

With Expert Advisors Automated Trading becoming more and more popular, most indices brokers now provide VPS Hosting Services because of the following reasons:

1. Security - Best VPS for Indices EA Hosting

A stock indexes broker will provide the VPS hosting solution, one because of security, this way a indices trader does not have to login their account details: password and account login on an external computer hosted by some anonymous person. With this solution your account details will remain secure.

With your indices broker you can be sure they will use https (hypertext transfer protocol Secure ), which means secure encrypted connection between the Virtual Private Server and their Trading Servers, this ensures your account details are not intercepted over the internet.


2. Speed of Execution and Location - Best VPS for Indices EA Hosting

Brokers will keep their Indices VPS Server in the same location as their trading servers, therefore the speed of speed of connection between the two is optimum, at the same time no time will there be no connection between the two because the two are in the same location and these two are not relying on an external internet connections but are in the same location.

This would be different from a situation where as a indices trader you EA is hosted in a Indices VPS Server in New York and your Broker's Trading Server is in London. Your Indices VPS Service Provider may not guarantee a full time connection between their VPS and your indices broker servers in London.

Because of Location, Traders should choose the hosting solution provided by their broker's because these will be the located closest to their trading server ensuring optimum speed and proximity of location between the two .

3. Cost

indices brokers will only charge a standard fee for hosting EA Indices Trading Robots on their Virtual Private Servers and will provide all traders with the same optimum Indices VPS package, for high volume traders, these Indices VPS Hosting services are provided for free. Compare these to other Virtual Private Server hosting services provided by business men who are out to make the maximum profit from hosting your EA Indices Trading Robots. These business men will charge starting from $30 for the least optimum VPS service, up selling you to buy the most optimum Virtual Private Server at a premium stock indexes price of $100 dollars, which is too expensive when you can get the same from your indices broker at a lower stock indexes price of $30 or Free if you are a high volume trader.

Example Indices VPS Hosting Service From a Directly Within The Indices Trading Account

From the Account Below, the Indices VPS service - Best VPS for Indices EA Hosting is provided and as a indices trader service this Virtual Private Server Hosting Option can be activated any time directly from the indices trader's account.

4. Ease of Operation and No Installation Required

With a broker's provided Indices VPS Hosting Service the Indices Trading Platform and all other settings will be pre-installed to simplify this service for the indices trader, therefore the indices trader will just login and trade without having to setup anything that is technical in nature.

Why Host Your EA Indices Trading Robots with VPS Provided by Your Indices Broker Only - Free Indices VPS Hosting - Expert Advisor Indices VPS Hosting - VPS for MetaTrader 4 - Indices VPS Expert Advisor Hosting - Best VPS for Indices EA hosting


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