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Instant Execution Market Orders in Indices Trading

There are different types of stock indices orders which a indices trader can use to trade in Indices.

Basic definitions of the commonly used types of stock indices orders:

Types of Indices Trading Instant Execution Market Orders and Pending Indices Trading Orders

Instant Market Execution Order

Instant Market Execution Order - This is the most basic type of stock indices order, Instant Market Execution Order is used to buy or sell at the current ask or bid indices trading quote stock indexes price. Instant Market Execution Order refers to a indices trading order executed at the quoted stock indexes price that appears on your indices trading platform.

This type of stock indexes trading order - Instant Market Execution Order - is used for buying or selling according to the present exchange rate quotation in stock indices market and the execution is instant. The minute you want to enter a indices trade position you can buy and sell indices at a click of a button using a stock indices market order - Instant Market Execution Order.

Indices Trading Set Instant Execution Indices Trading Order on MT4?

MT4 Indices Trading Platform Basics Tutorial

How To Set New Order on Tools Menu in MT4

To set new Instant Market Execution Order to buy or sell a trade can be found on the MetaTrader 4 tools menu within the MT4 Platform. The button for placing a new indices trade transaction order is shown below. (Short Cut Keyboard Keys “F9”)

How To Set New Instant Market Execution Order

How To Set New Instant Market Execution Order - in Tools Menu on MT4 - Instant Execution Indices Trading Meaning

How To Place Orders MT4 Indices Trading Platform

As a indices trader, once you select the new order button as illustrated above the following popup window will appear. This popup includes the settings for placing a new trade - Instant Market Execution Order.

How To Place Instant Market Execution Order on MT4

How To Place Instant Execution Indices Trading Orders on MetaTrader 4


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