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What is the Indices Trading Minimum Deposit for Standard Indices Trading Account?

A Standard Indices Trading Account is denominated in US Dollars and trade transactions are placed using standard lots. One indices lot is also known as a one indices trading contract. Minimum account opening capital - at least $10,000 USD.

1 indices trading contract refers to the minimum size of a single trade transaction. This option is the most suitable for traders with a enough capital to invest - this option requires $10,000 to $50,000 dollars in starting capital, For this Standard Indices Trading Account the indices trader will not be undercapitalized and with good indices trading money management rules and indices trading money management strategies, this option has the highest chance for profitability because it is not undercapitalized. Under capitalization is what makes most indices traders not profitable.

It is not recommended to open a Standard Indices Trading Account unless you have a balance of at between $10,000 minimum and $50,000.

Professional Money Managers recommend $50,000 Dollars minimum to open this Standard Indices Trading Account and only opening 1 or 2 lots maximum per every $50,000 dollars you have in your Standard Indices Trading Account. However, most online indices brokers will still open this Standard Indices Trading Account for you if you have more than $10,000.

With indices trading leverage of 100:1, you will deposit part of the money required to open a indices trade and the rest of the money you will borrow from your indices broker (with stock indices leverage of 100:1, your indices broker gives you $100 dollars for every $1 dollar that you have, the stock indexes broker will give you $100 dollars of stock indices leverage for every $1 dollar you have, meaning after indices trading leverage if you deposit $1,000 you will have $1,000*100=$100,000 which you can use to trade indices ).


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