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What is Used Indices Trading Margin? : amount of money in your account that has already been used up when buying a indices trade order, this stock indexes trading order is the one that is displayed in the open positions. As a indices trader you cannot use this amount of money after opening a trade because you have already used it in another trade and it is not available to you.

In other words, because your indices broker has opened up a position for you using the capital you have borrowed, you must maintain this usable margin for you as a security to allow you to continue using this indices trading leverage that the indices broker has given you.

Example of Used Indices Trading Margin is Calculated on MetaTrader 4

The indices trading margin example on MT4 indices trading Platform below, the set stock indices leverage is 100:1, the indices trading margin which is 1% is $2683.07, therefore the total amount controlled by the indices trader is: $268,307 - this is because with this indices trading leverage the indices trader has used little of his money and borrowed the rest, with this set at 100:1, the indices trader is using 1 % of their trading capital, this 1% is $2683.07, if 1% is $2683.07 then 100% is $268,307

What is Used Indices Trading Margin in Indices Trading?

What is Used Indices Trading Margin in Indices Trading?

Used Indices Trading Margin - $2683.07

Indices Trading Margin used to open stock indexes trades on the MetaTrader 4 example above

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