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Changing Language of MT4 Indices Trading Platform

On the MT4 “View” menu, the first option in this drop down list is the Languages Button that can be used to change the language of the MT4 Platform.

The example explained and illustrated below shows the Language Button, on the View Menu and the list of languages that the MT4 stock indexes trading platform supports. A indices trader can select any of the languages below.

Changing Language of MT4 Indices Trading Platform

To download a MT4 software pre-installed with your native language you can visit any of a brokers’ website and select the option of a language that is translated into your native language and download the MT4 from any of these websites.

From the above Languages option a indices trader can translate the MetaTrader 4 stock indexes trading platform interface into the following languages:

Turkish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Serbian, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Mongolian, Latvian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Hungarian, Chinese, German, French, Czech, Farsi and other languages included within this list.


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