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Ten Indices Trading Money Management Strategies

The process below describes the process of formulating indices trading money management and practical advices on formulating your own indices trading money management system in Indices Trading - indices trading account management.

1. Keep the Necessary reserve (over and above the indices broker margin requirement)

This reserve is needed for unusual situations and it should be not less than 50% of invested equity. It is the first rule of indices trading account management in margin definition for opening stock indices orders. However, many experts and analysts advice more reserve of about 70%-90% of invested indices trading account capital for safe operation in stock indexes trading.

2. Do not to invest more than 2%-6%

This is one of the principle that helps to avoid bankruptcy: never invest more that 2% on one market and do not to invest more than 6% in the total open stock indexes trades.

Indices Trading Account Management Rules

This is not the same as above, the above is never invest more than 5% , this is never to lose more than 2% on a single trade. In this case a indices trader risks only lose small part of his equity with an unprofitable order.

4. Diversify

The use optimal investment of your funds is that you should diversify to some degree. Just In case one trade losses, the order can be covered by profits of another trade.

Indices Trading Account Management Rules

On a piece of paper or better still in your trading plan. If you open orders on this orders should be within your indices trading money management guidelines.


6. Define your stop loss and take profit levels

When you are trading put your stop stock indices orders in order to avoid any huge losses or even bankruptcy. Profit taking levels will ensure you get additional profit by taking money out of the stock indexes trading market. analyze the situation and predict the future movement of stock indexes price action and place orders accordingly. You can even use indicators and volatility of the stock indexes price to know where to place these orders.

Indices Trading Account Management Rules

Consider only opening stock indexes trades when you have the chance to get profit against loss ratio of 3:1. If you cannot do it then don't open the order.

indices trading money management should seek to bring maximum profit to the indices traders account, keeping profitable orders as long as possible is a good strategy. Therefore, if you make some profitable orders you can have goods results.

8. Try to follow the rules of opening and closing the indices orders specified in your plan.

That way you will get consistent trading results required for making profits in the stock indices market.

9. Do not revenge against the stock indexes trading market

In this case, you will not be analyzing the situation but you will just be trading based on emotions and you will lose more money.

10. Timely rest

Do not trade when you are exhausted, no matter how tempting the situation may seem, you might not get the profits that you can if you were to trade based on your indices trading schedule.

Considering these - Indices Trading Account Management Rules and Guidelines can make you trade profitably. try to develop your own indices trading money management strategy that gives you good profits.


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