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MT4 Login Real Account

Once you start your MT4 stock indexes trading platform you will have to login to your MT4 Real trading account before starting to practice on this MetaTrader 4 Real trading account.

To Login to MT4 Real account, click on File Menu then click Login as shown on the MetaTrader 4 stock indexes trading platform example explained and illustrated below:

MetaTrader 4 Login Real Account

The following popup appears

Indices Trader Login to MT4 Indices Trading Platform

Login to Account - MT4 Login Authorization for Indices Trading Real Account

Specify your indices trading Real account login number and password, the trading server you can select using the down arrow - for Real trading account select - Real Server. Tick the “save login information” and click login - Indices Trading MT4 Login. This is known as authorization - MT4 Login Authorization, every time before trading you will have to perform authorization by login in to your real stock indexes trading account - typing the account details - and the platform checks if the login account details are correct through this process of MT4 Login Authorization.


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