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As a indices trader you may want to learn from other traders, finding an online community like a indices trading forum might be a good idea of where to start from. A indices trading forum is where you will find a lot of other traders that are willing to discuss their indices trading strategies on these forums.

Below is an Image screenshot of a indices trading forum that shows topics that are discussed within other indices trading subtopics. For example there is the main discussion forum, main indices broker discussion forum, main technical analysis forum, the newbie forum discussion forum thread and Fundamental analysis forum. There are other forums also like the swing trading forum, day trading forum, and scalping forum. Others are indices trading discussion forum, manual indices trading systems forum and automated indices trading systems forum.

From the above example of a Stock Indexes forum there are many topics that are listed on the forum. To navigate on any topic you can click on any of the above link.

Indices Trading Forums are arranged according to topics with many of these forums having many topics such that finding a topic may require taking time. The first place to start is from the listed main trading topics.

However, most forums have posts written by anyone and therefore you might find misleading information on these forums. The other thing is that when it comes to forums is that most people who come to these forums are trying to get traders from them and direct them to their website or other indices trading products that they want to sell and therefore it is not easy to know who is genuine in a indices trading forum.

Before deciding if a forum is where you want to learn from it is much better to start with a complete indices trading course like this one that discusses online training courses, trading strategies, technical indicators and trading platform tutorials like the ones shown below

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